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We get it. There is some things in life you just have to buy. It sucks. The items are seemingly a waste of money; something you must buy to serve a mundane purpose, but provide very little/no satisfaction in the process. Not only that, but you waste far too much of your precious time purchasing them as well.

But luckily, it doesn’t always have to be the case! A few groups of clever folk are redesigning the “UX” of your everyday necessities, creating fun and satisfying solutions to the everyday problems you must solve.

Below, we have curated a list of services which we think will make your life even more awesome. This is not a paid advertisement, merely a collection of services you can use to save yourself time and money when purchasing your necessities.

1. Freshbrush


Everyone brushes their teeth. Twice a day. If you don’t, well….. that’s gross. Yet all the time we are having to purchase new toothbrushes from the supermarket. Another thing to add to the shopping list… another thing to remember.

But now you don’t need to. Purchase your toothbrush subscription, and have your toothbrushes “delivered to your mouth, every month”. So easy. Furthermore, each brush is environmentally friendly — 99% of the brush is produced using biodegradable bamboo — could these brushes get any better!!

Check them out below:

2. My Food Bag

Awesome food, no hassle.

If you live in New Zealand, you’d have to have been living under a rock to have not heard of My Food Bag. A classic New Zealand success story, My Food Bag will send you all the food you need for 5 night’s meals, and the recipes to cook it, on a Sunday night. Simply pull out the delicious recipe for that night as well as the ingredients that have been delivered to you, and in no time you’ll have a gorgeous, home cooked meal. Simple & delicious. With absolutely no stress. Perfect.

If you are indeed Patrick Star, or haven’t yet seen the marvellous creation that is My Food Bag, check it out below:

3. Shave Union

This ones a “Shave-ourite”

Obviously this ones aimed at the blokes reading this story; Shave Union have taken the hassle out of having to buy those pesky razors blades. Anyone who’s shaved using a blunt blade knows that’s something they never want to have to deal with. Make sure you’re always well-equipped, by having your razor blades shipped directly to your door, every month.

Furthermore 10% of each purchase goes to support “Kiwi lads who need a leg up in life”.

To do your bit, whilst fighting the fur, check out Shave Union below:


4. The Flower Project

Flower Power

A fair argument could be made here; that flowers are shifting away from life’s necessities. But, it is important to have things in life that bring happiness. What better way than to have a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to your door, weekly, fortnightly or monthly!

Even better, you can give these awesome flowers as a gift to a friend, family or partner.

Flowers make everyone feel better, and every space feel brighter. Keep it simple, and have a beautiful bunch sent to right to you:

5. LetterSox

You’ve got your toothbrush, you’re shaving requirements sussed, flowers for that special someone, and dinner for the week all sorted. What could you possibly be missing?

Socks. You’ve got no socks.

What do you do? Go out to a boring old store and buy socks? No way you do. You head online, sign up for this awesome sock subscription, and let the stylish, unique new socks arrive direct to your letterbox.

Check it out below, and forget about ever having to buy your socks again:


Know of any other awesome services changing the approach to everyday necessities?

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