Socks delivered, articles written & prizes won | Start Up Socks Blog 003

Wow, what a month it’s been for LetterSox! I’d like to take the opportunity to update our community & followers on the progress thats been made in the last month. p.s…. there’s a competition at the end ;)

3 Key events:

1. First Subscriptions were delivered

This was, of course, a major moment for us; the delivery of the first ever LetterSox socks to our awesome customers. We were really confident in the product & experience that we were delivering, but naturally it was still a big moment.

A great exchange between Owen Gibson, one of our loyal first customers, Young Enterprise & us! You can find more user reviews on our Facebook and Twitter

Fortunately, we had very positive responses; customers expressing their satisfaction with the product, and the excitement of having their socks delivered directly to them! A lot of time and effort has gone into planning and preparing, so it was a welcome relief to finally execute on our plan, and send out the first deliveries!

2. Stuff wrote an article about us

We received an email from Chelsea McLaughlin, the journalist in charge of the Capital Day section in the Dom Post and on, saying that she would be interested to do a piece on us and our business. Naturally we said yes! And long story short, a couple of Saturdays ago this article was featured on the website, and in the Capital Day section of the newspaper!

Have a look above — it’s well worth a read….. in our completely unbiased opinion ;)

3. We won the Wellington Regional Dragon’s Den final!

The most recent success was winning the Wellington Regional Dragons Den final; taking away the top prize of $1200 in start up capital. This was a great event, with strong competition from the top 8 YES businesses in the Greater Wellington Region, so we were honoured to come away with the top prize.

We are firmly focused creating the best customer experience, and so this capital is going to be essential in helping us do that.

We want to take the opportunity to once again thank everyone at the Young Enterprise Trust for organising the event, to the Dragons who came along to Judge, and the other teams who brought such strong competition — it was a great night all round!

That’s a quick round up of the best bits from this month, a lot has gone down, but this is only just the beginning! Loads more, work to do, but we’re super excited for what is to come next!